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About Tech Edge

"Tech Edge Coating & Manufacturing Private Limited" founded in 2010 and registered in 2017 We are well known entity in the field of CED and Powder Coating Services on all metal surfaces, headquartered at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. We are known for our excellent quality at an affordable price in the provided time period. We offer complete end-to-end solution under one roof to our customers. It means, we integrate all the supporting functions & utilities related to industrial Coating and Manufacturing.



  • Our Mission is to become leading and trustworthy manufacturing entity in India in the field of CED & Powder Coating.
  • Nurturing & growing our current customer base while expanding service to new customers & markets.
  • Continuous improvement, growth in our operations and employees; while maintaining profitability and benefit to customers, employees and community.
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  • To provide mass production with innovative highest technology that ultimately improves the overall customer experience.
  • Manufacture, supply and continuously develop excellent quality products at a reasonable price to our clients.
  • All employees will work together in combining their efforts and skills to ensure our vision and goals are fulfilled and make sure company is making progress according to the strategies.
  • We will strive to maintain the Brand image it has developed over the many years with its employees, suppliers, clients and community as a company of excellence.
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  • We are "Tech Edge Coating & Manufacturing Private Limited" committed to providing great assessment in the field of CED and Powder Coating for all metal surfaces through excellent quality products, innovative product solutions and superior customer service.
  • We are faithful in manufacturing and providing eco-friendly sustainable products to our customers.
  • Our reasonable price systems will meet your budget demands all while exceeding your quality project expectations.
  • We are strong entity in the industry because we are customer-oriented and get back to you quickly. We really listen to your requirements and your suggestions.
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CED Coating for Wheel Rims


Cathode Electro Deposition (CED) Coating is a wet coating system to provide perfect corrosion protection for all metals.

KTL or E-Coat is the method of the electrophoretic cathode metal coating is a finished technological process used for coating of metal surfaces with a thin, solid, one layer, and corrosion-resistant organic coating.

According to statistics, 40% of global steel is being scraped year on year mostly because of corrosion, making a loss of $2.5 trillion, equivalent to 3.4% of total produced metal GDP. Manufactures often face below mention challenges:

  • Will my product be able to sustain corrosion for long duration? Covering each and every corner of the product with uniform layer of coat?
  • Use of KTL and CED Coating Process ensures Complete product paint coverage, no touch-up usually required.
  • Useful for any aggressive environment eg marine, areas of industrial pollution, area of high humidity.
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E-coating leverages an electrical charge to apply a uniform protective coating to metal fabricated products. Developed originally for the automotive industry, e-coating provides superior coverage, adhesion and corrosion resistance for metal parts and surfaces.

The principle of e-coat is that materials with opposite electrical charges attract. The e-coat system applies a DC charge to metal parts immersed in a bath consisting of deionized water and paint solids.

The electric current attracts the solids, coating all surfaces and joints. Once the coating reaches desired thickness it insulates the components, reducing the coating application until there is a uniform layer of protection. Resin in the paint solids assist adhesion while providing corrosion protection, durability and toughness. As the parts exit the bath, they are rinsed to maintain efficiency and aesthetic design.

The e-coating is baked onto the surface of the steel for fusion bonding followed by heat curing to form a hard, durable film. The bake oven crosslink and cures paint film to assure maximum performance properties and superior corrosion protection.

KTL or E Coat is an industrial process which includes Electro Coating, Cathode Electro Position, Electrode Position, Electrophoretic Coating & Painting.

The influence of an electric field (electrophoresis) is deposited onto an electrode. All colloidal particles that can be used to form stable suspensions and that can carry a charge can be used in electrophoretic deposition. This includes materials such as polymers, pigments, dyes, ceramics and metals.

KTL Process is industrially used for applying coatings to metal fabricated products. It has been widely used to coat Automobile Bodies, Parts & Heavy Equipment, Metal Furniture, Fasteners and many other industrial products. TechEdge Coating & Manufacturing Private Limited is leading KTL Coating Service provider company in Navi Mumbai.

  • KTL Coating provides uniform coating thickness over all areas including sharp corners, recesses, cavities and areas that would be hard to reach with spray paint.
  • It is Water based and non-toxic.
  • Complete product paint coverage, no touch-up usually required.
  • Useful for any aggressive environment like Marine Industries, Areas of Industrial Pollution, Areas of High Humidity.

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